Posted on July 7, 2010

Mark Wallace has written for numerous publications, both online and print, on a multiplicity of topics. The list below features links to some of Mark’s most recent articles. As well as blogging at CrashBangWallace.com, Mark has written a weekly local government column for ConservativeHome since October 2008, and is a regular contributor to ConservativeHome’s CentreRight group blog. An experienced ghost writer, articles he has written for others have appeared in the Daily Express, the Daily Telegraph and the House Magazine and elsewhere.

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, Comment is Free: Camping is definitely not Communist, Wednesday 14th July 2010

ConservativeHome, Local Government: Council officer on £155,000 writes poem on evils of money, Tuesday 13th July 2010

ConservativeHome, Local Government: Hillingdon triples library use – and cuts costs by 20%, Monday 5th July 2010

Sunday Sun
, Better off without quangos, Sunday 4th July 2010

ConservativeHome, Local Government: Bring Council staff contracts into the open, Monday 28th June 2010

Birmingham Post, Will Advantage West Midlands be missed when the axe falls?, Friday 25th June 2010

Spectator Coffee House, The EU must face cuts too, Wednesday 23rd June

ConservativeHome, Local Government: Unions fight local democracy, Monday 21st June 2010

More to come…