The Guardian and the negative Left

Posted on October 20, 2010

The Guardian is on fine form today showing the schizophrenic and overwhelmingly negative worldview of the Left.

Only a couple of months ago they were sneering at the idea of consulting the plebs public about the best ways to cut spending. At best, they suggested, such sites were full of silly ideas (without mentioning that these were weak Mark-Thomas-esque jokes submitted by their own pro-spending readers, desperate to sabotage the idea). At worst, it just brings out the racist BNP clone who as all good Islington Lefties know lurks below the flat cap of most ordinary folk.

Crowdsourcing ideas for spending cuts was and is a good idea – particularly because it opened the Treasury’s door to creative thinking and helped to identify cuts that would hurt ordinary people least. Having enthusiastically slagged public participation off, the Guardian has now embraced crowdsourcing itself – to gather complaints that the cuts are poorly targeted and hurting ordinary people.

Perhaps if they had encouraged people to take part in the spending challenge and contributed to the generation of ideas, rather than sneering at it, then the spending cuts on the way could be better targeted away from the front line.

Sadly, this is typical of the elitist Left. The people are handy if you can whip them in behind your own negative complaints, but allow them to make positive and constructive suggestions? Don’t be ridiculous – they might come up with something you don’t like.