The BNP fires up the youth leader’s clown car. Again.

Posted on February 22, 2013

It can’t be easy trying to make the BNP look youthful and relevant. After all, Gangnam Style isn’t rapped in English, the Harlem Shake comes from a nation almost entirely made up of immigrants and even though One Direction’s name implies they might advocate a totalitarian focus on national unity, in reality they are so anti-Aryan they’re currently engaged in publicly murdering Blondie.

This is presumably the reason Griffin’s barmy outfit always come full-circle to the same idea: organise a media interview with whichever fresh-faced youth leader is the most latest to do the solo in “Tomorrow Belongs To Me”.

And so it has come to pass. The latest, err, Great White Hope is Jack Buckby – who, judging from his photo, has finally brought hipsters and political loons together in their shared love of lapel pin-badges. The chosen publication is Vice magazine, who have picked up several fascinating features in the last few weeks.

As usual, the interview starts off with hair-splitting. He’s not a fascist, or a racist, he’s a “culturist”:

In essence, culturism is the opposite of multi-culturalism. So it believes that diversity can only exist with culturism, because multi-culturalism doesn’t promote diversity, it brings too many cultures together and creates a world where every country is the same.

Ok. So “culturism” believes in diversity but opposes diversity when it means, you know, a diverse range of people being in the same place?

Diversity is ensuring that all national identities are preserved so that there’s a diverse range of cultures across the world, rather than them being pushed into borders.

Ah, right. So “culturism” is in fact true diversity because they’re talking about cultures being extremely diverse – in a geographical way. A wide range of people in the literal sense of their being wide, open ranges between them.

And what are the indicators of which culture someone is from? The food, music or God they prefer? The clothes they wear? The passport they hold, or the cricket team they support?

I grew up in an area that I think is about 97.8 percent white; it’s quite a British area.


Currently there’s this idea that the BNP is racist, as I’m sure you know. I don’t believe that.

Where have people got such a silly idea from?

I just believe that every country should be populated predominantly by its own people. I do believe in the racial aspect of that.

Aaaaand the wheels have fallen off the clown car, just as the audience knew they would.

Indeed, as Tim Stanley points out poor Jack has even posted a video of himself online about “culturism” being a “spin” rebranding of the same, old ideology. Outing yourself as a fascist who is pretending otherwise is quite impressively stupid.

There’s a cringe-comedy element every time the BNP puts a youth leader in front of a journalist. I doubt they’d appreciate the comparison, but it’s like Meet The Fokkers (with fewer jews in the cast, for obvious reasons). It doesn’t matter how long they walk the tightrope of distinguish racism from disliking people of other races, it doesn’t matter how many times they manage to recite whatever new name they’ve come up with for their position, eventually the inevitable prat-fall occurs.

It’s as though the urge to tell everyone just how dapper armbands look and espouse the economic benefits of remilitarising the Rhineland is just too great to resist.

In fact, that’s almost exactly what one of Jack Buckby’s ill-fated predecessors did in a memorable interview a few years back. In 2002, Mark Collett was Nick Griffin’s chosen mini-me, and explained at length to Channel 4 why the BNP aren’t racist, before helpfully explaining that:

National Socialism was the best solution for the German people in the 1930s. I honestly can’t understand how a man who’s seen the inner city hell of Britain today can’t look back on that era [Hitler’s Germany] with a certain nostalgia and think yeah, those people marching through the streets and all those happy people out in the streets, you know, saluting and everything, was a bad thing. Honestly now, would you prefer your kid growing up in Oldham and Burnley or 1930s Germany? It would be better for your child to grow up there.

Ooh and the boots were so shiny, weren’t they?

Love Music, Kick Police Officers

Posted on September 09, 2010

One of the worst threats to the campaign against fascism and racism is the thuggish and totalitarian nature of the hard left activists who squat at its core. Where you should have a mass movement refuting the BNP’s absurd arguments in a public forum, you have a minority clique like Unite Against Fascism who repel the general public, campaign for censorship and – ironically – have political views on economics and state power that are remarkably close to the fascists they claim to oppose.

Sadly, they show no sign of cleaning up their act.

Take, for example, the case of Martin Smith (pictured right, and yes he really did dress like that on Newsnight).

Smith is heavily involved in UAF and is the organiser of Love Music Hate Racism.

On Tuesday, Smith was convicted of assaulting a police officer during protests outside the BBC against Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time. A Magistrates’ Court found that he had kicked a policeman who was there to make sure the protest didn’t turn violent. As the Ian Tomlinson case showed, some police officers certainly can be violent themselves but there have been no such allegations in this case – this was a thuggish protester lashing out with no good reason.

The remarkable thing is that instead of condemning such violence and thuggery, Smith’s colleagues have rallied round to suggest the courts are somehow biased in favour of neo-Nazis. Even Mark Serwotka at the PCS Union has suggested that conviction in a free and fair court of law will “provide encouragement for the abhorrent views of racist and fascist organisations” and represents “the unequal way in which anti-fascist campaigners and activists are treated in comparison with racist and fascist thugs.”

The simple fact is that the UAF and their mates are just as totalitarian and unpleasant as the BNP – Smith’s aim is to secure the censoring political parties that he doesn’t like. Brands like Love Music Hate Racism are designed to suggest the UAF are mainstream, ordinary people – but how ordinary is it to go around kicking coppers because of production decisions on Question Time?