Did Evan Davis call Owen Jones a Communist?

Posted on October 02, 2012

The Today Programme is no stranger to unfortunate mis-pronunciations – as Jeremy Hunt found out to his cost.

Yesterday, they ran an interesting piece by Evan Davis exploring the unity or otherwise of the Labour Party, and asking what has happened to the hardline Labour Left. As part of the package, Evan interviewed the posterboy of the Angry Young Left, Owen Jones.

I’m sure Evan meant to introduce Owen as a “columnist”, but listening to the recording here, it does sound as though it came out slightly redder than that…


Sing along with Jeremy Hunt’s bell end incident

Posted on July 27, 2012

Respect to The Poke, who have produced a “You Can Ring My Bell” disco remix of Jeremy Hunt’s unfortunate bell end incident in record time:


The Giggle Loop and Jeremy…erm…Hunt

Posted on December 06, 2010

Laughing on the radio is like laughing in church – you know you shouldn’t give in to the giggles, but that only makes it worse. Jim Naughtie had a brilliant one this morning, inadvertently turning Jeremy Hunt’s surname into a bad, bad word that makes David Cameron’s Twitter comment pale by comparison:

Perhaps the best thing about it was Naughtie’s desperate attempts to resist the giggles after dropping his bomb, before claiming it was a “coughing fit. Fans of the BBC’s old sitcom Coupling will know that this is known as the Giggle Loop.

My favourite attack of the Radio 4 Giggle Loop was suffered by Charlotte Green, when the bizarre sound of the oldest recording of a human voice clashed with a very sombre obituary: