Egypt’s Morsi faces pants protests

Posted on January 28, 2013

The weekend’s violence in Egypt is an important development. Not simply because it is a test of the increasingly authoritarian, Muslim Brotherhood-aligned Morsi Government, but because it has provoked the football “ultras” who were on the front line of the original revolution into all-out conflict with the Brotherhood.

The coverage has been mixed in its analysis and insight, but perhaps the top prize for Egyptian oddities goes to the Metro, who used a Getty/AFP photo of a “protester throwing a stone at police” to illustrate their story this morning. Looking at the image, it’s fair to say that throwing a stone is perhaps not the most notable thing about the man in the picture…

Egypt pants protester

Maybe they fell down by accident and he didn’t notice in all the excitement, or maybe he went a size too small buying some skinny jeans. Who knows?

Maybe this is a clever message, though – Morsi’s Government is pants…