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Posted on April 4, 2013

I’m very excited to announce that I have accepted the role of Executive Editor of Conservative Home.

As Paul Goodman, the new Editor, writes today, I will be joining the site in a few weeks as part of the new team following Tim Montgomerie’s departure to The Times.

ConHome has always been a huge influence on my political campaigning and blogging, as I know it has for many others on the centre right around the country, so I’m very much looking forward to making my own contribution to its future at an important time in British politics. Over the last eight years, Tim has had a huge impact on many people, me included, and we have a big job on our hands to live up to his example.

All of you as readers of CrashBangWallace have made this possible through your support, your feedback and your (constructive) criticism, so I would like to thank you. When I started this blog I did so to communicate libertarian ideas and to have some fun – both of which I hope I’ve achieved.

I never anticipated the reach and readership this site would secure, and I certainly never imagined political blogging might one day become my job. Now that it is going to, I hope you will continue to read my writing over at ConHome whether you’re a capital-C Conservative, a small-c conservative, a libertarian or just interested in politics and ideas. I’ll still be writing on fundamental issues of freedom and the political topics of the day, as well as exploring new, wider topics.

I will maintain this site as an occasional outlet for non-ConHome political writing, a resource linking to my work elsewhere and an archive of CrashBangWallace blogposts. I will of course still be tweeting at @WallaceME, too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the last two and half years of blogs as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them – and that you’ll continue to follow my work at its new home.

Thank you again – keep on fighting.

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5 Responses

  1. HJ:

    Best of luck with the move to CH! Have greatly enjoyed reading your posts here over the past few years.

    15.04.2013 13:42 Reply

  2. Rachel Frosh:

    You’ll be a great asset to the team- always a great blogger and a highly effective campaigner. Congratulations.

    15.04.2013 13:57 Reply

  3. Andrew Ian Dodge:

    Grats man. You are a rare breed that can make a living blogging.

    15.04.2013 15:23 Reply

  4. Jabba the Cat:

    An excellent replacement for drippy wet Timmy. Hopefully CH will now start growing some balls…

    15.04.2013 16:00 Reply

  5. Dick Puddlecote:

    Congrats, Mark. Best of luck, it’s been good reading your stuff here – suppose I’l have to start looking at ConHome occasionally now. 😉

    15.04.2013 18:30 Reply

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