The Sun’s rebuke for Prezza

Posted on February 2, 2013

Lord Prescott loves to play the political grandee – using Twitter to imply he is setting the running for his colleagues in the Commons. Unfortunately, just like the meat in a cut-price cottage pie, the reality doesn’t necessarily match the hype.

On Saturday night, the Sun’s Dave Wooding retweeted Prezza’s message urging “every member of the Shadow Cabinet” to “think twice before writing for the Sun”, followed by two telling updates on the contents of the latest Sun on Sunday:



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2 Responses

  1. Les Gibson:

    How can a fat, useless lump like Prescott manage to use Twitter? Presumably, he uses his “seccerterry” on the rare occasions she’s not being humped against the door post by Lord Chipolata himself!

    18.02.2013 15:48 Reply

  2. Pentangelis:

    If the Member for Pentangelis was as insignificant as that of the ex Member for Hull, I would indeed be concerned. However, as it is not, I can confidently assert that gentleman to be past his time, past his prime and not worth a dime!

    18.02.2013 17:40 Reply

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