Exclusive: that new Kate portrait put right

Posted on January 1, 2013

The National Portrait Gallery have just unveiled the first official Royal portrait of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. As a portrayal of¬† famously beautiful woman, it’s received what could politely be called a mixed reaction:

Kate portrait

Personally, I think the most amazing thing is that way that only one of her eyes follows you round the room. How on earth have the NPG managed to commission a painting so iffy that it has already been nicknamed #CrosseyedKate?

As a public service, courtesy of @MrAndyBoy, CrashBangWallace.com can present an exclusive reworking of the portrait, putting it right with a tender combination of sensitivity and expertise.

At last we have the image in the full glory that it deserves:

Kate Portrait corrected

That’s better.

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3 Responses

  1. Richard Baron:

    Bang goes your knighthood, Mark!

    OK, so it’s not Annigoni, but I don’t suppose it was meant to follow in that tradition. I have not seen the portrait itself, just looked at a few images on the web, but my impression is that the eyes are correctly aligned. If they appear not to be, that may be because of the asymmetry of the hair, and the slight shadow it casts over the left eye.

    Cue a debate on whether portraiture that aims at realism should get all the details right, even if the ineliminable differences between a painting and real life mean that the overall impression is then not as close as possible to what it would be on a face-to-face meeting, or whether the artist should distort the details in order to get as close as possible to the impression that one would have face-to-face.

    11.01.2013 14:21 Reply

  2. A Link to the Past 12/1/2013 « In Defence of Liberty:

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    12.01.2013 19:01 Reply

  3. treborc:

    It does make her look older, perhaps he has painted a picture which will last for a life time or really what she will look like in a years time with all the worries she will have on how to keep a house hold with only nine million quid.

    13.01.2013 12:08 Reply

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