Some things change – but Prezza stays the same

Posted on January 1, 2013

A new year heralds change – 2013 will see new heights of human achievement, new lows of tragedy, new inventions and discoveries, new works of art and new ways to move the spirit.

What it will not see, it seems, is a new commitment to accuracy from John Prescott. In the history of scientific endeavour, few leopards have been discovered with less changeable spots.

This morning the good Lord – turned Sunday Mirror columnist – tweeted:

Unfortunately for Prezza, that photo – much used by the lefty twitterati in recent months – is from September 2004, as reported here.

That means the bubbly was being delivered not to George Osborne or his Coalition colleagues but to Gordon Brown, at a time when John Prescott was Deputy Prime Minister. Either Prezza knows the photo is from the wrong administration and is deliberately misleading his 167,000 Twitter followers, or he has mistakenly picked it up from somewhere else.

Let’s be charitable and assume it’s the latter. The only recent, mainstream use of the picture was in the Daily Mail last year, accompanying a story that the Chancellor intends to introduce a green tax on chilled champagne. The tax will supposedly be called the “Thermal Reduction Initiative (Champagne)”, or “TRIC”. Published under the byline “Pru Cremier”, the story was published on…April the 1st.

Oh dear, John.

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6 Responses

  1. SadButMadLad:

    Prescott has picked it up from somewhere else. That other paragon of accuracy and proper research (and also of multiple apologies) – Eoin Clarke.

    07.01.2013 11:49 Reply

  2. Nigel S:

    Moët, bit of a clue but not to Prezza I guess.

    07.01.2013 13:39 Reply

  3. H Gregory:

    The only drink for important people after a long coaching session with your protection officers and political appointees who should have seen the pitfall if they were worth their salary but what does one expect of people who live on the public purse,they should have realised their boss did not have the sense to know better he has scrounged for pretending to be a socialist.

    07.01.2013 19:41 Reply

  4. stinky britches:

    Can’t see Vichy Dave or Gideon drinking that muck. But Clegg..? Possibly – Liberals will swallow any old b******s…

    07.01.2013 20:22 Reply

  5. Freddy:

    Prezza kept a Moet Chandon in a pretty cabinet …

    07.01.2013 22:09 Reply

  6. H Gregory:

    Pearls before swine comes to mind.

    08.01.2013 20:50 Reply

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