Video: The EU receives the Nobel “Peace” Prize

Posted on December 12, 2012

When the ludicrous news that the EU had won the Nobel Peace Prize was first announced back in October, I compiled a “Nomination in Pictures” exploring the supposed peace that Brussels has brought to the streets of Portugal, Spain and Greece.

Herman van Rompuy, Martin Schulz and José Manuel Barroso collected the award yesterday in Norway – a country which is outside the EU, and therefore presumably riven with civil war and cross-border aggression. A reader has produced the following video tribute to the most absurd Nobel award to date:

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4 Responses

  1. George:

    What a load of rubbish, totally demeans the Nobel Peace Prize.

    11.12.2012 16:38 Reply

  2. Devil's Kitchen:

    Also fun to note that the tune that video is set to is Mogwai’s “Friend Of The Night”…


    11.12.2012 18:17 Reply

  3. Keith M Green:

    The complete devaluation of an award which had previously earned respect.

    12.12.2012 11:35 Reply

  4. Anthony F. Vick:

    Like most of the EU fniances this is a mess, I understand the accounting is so bad that the external auditors were unable to express an opinion, claiming the imposibility of balancing the numbers into Assets, Liabilities, income and expense. This is a disgrace and someone should be fired and soon, but i expect they get a large bonus for the great work in not doing their jobs properly. .

    14.12.2012 00:19 Reply

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