EU propaganda videos get racist – again

Posted on November 11, 2012

Six months ago, the EU was forced to withdraw a racist video using stereotyped foreigners to portray international trading partners as a violent threat to Europe’s safety. Today, in a video highlighted by the Telegraph’s Bruno Waterfield, they’ve repeated their mistake in a clear sign that Brussels hasn’t learned a thing.

This time the topic is the energy markets, and your friends in the European Union are claiming credit for the, ahem, innovation that you can change supplier. Having had to apologise for protecting you from kung-fu fighting Chinese people and sword wielding Indians back in March, now they are the only thing that stands betwen you and greedy, fez-wearing Arabs.

How long will it be before Brussels apologises for this new racist piece of propaganda?

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3 Responses

  1. Sladen Chambers:

    Glorious! I love the fact that apparently you can only choose between the usual suspects too. So they’ve completely missed the point that when you open up the market you get lots more players, some of whom, because they are small don;t have to participate in any of the green levies and so provide cheaper energy to consumers.

    19.11.2012 10:25 Reply

  2. Remittance Man:

    No mention of fur hat wearing Russians I notice. Despite the fact they regularly hold Eastern Europe to ransom over natural gas. Indeed with Christmas approaching aren’t we due to see the kick off of the annual “Pay more for your gas Jerzy,” “Eff off Ivan” game.

    20.11.2012 06:07 Reply

  3. robertsgt40:

    Didn’t see anyone wearing a beanie. LOL

    20.11.2012 16:05 Reply

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