EU Nobel Peace Prize nomination in pictures

Posted on October 10, 2012

When Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize, comedy songrwiter Tom Lehrer declared that satire had become obsolete. Today we learn that the Peace Prize has been given to the European Union –  accordingly, satire has now been dragged out of her retirement home and beaten by riot police.

In case you were wondering why the EU could possibly be given the Nobel Peace Prize, here is a short, pictorial summary of the peace Brussels has brought to Greece and Spain in the last 18 months:

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29 Responses

  1. Paul Perrin:

    I think this is why the prize was awarded – to remind the EU that they mustn’t start a war in Europe – they seem to have forgotten…

    12.10.2012 11:44 Reply

    • blingmun:

      These people will rig elections, destroy democracy and bring about our ruin with the cost of their grand project. All in the name of peace. It is at times like this you understand how comedy and tragedy are two sides of the same coin.

      13.10.2012 02:12 Reply

  2. Sophie:

    Anyone who lived or visited the East under Communism & listened to the news about the glorious state will be chilled to the core by this award.
    We are on the edge of darkness – tyranny – a federalsit tyranny that rejects the ballot box is again casting a long shadow over the European conitnent. I despair.

    12.10.2012 12:09 Reply

  3. Penfold:

    I’ve had a sudden thought, its economic, The Nobel Foundation is going to bail out the EU, what better way to cover up the bung than by awarding a “prize”.

    12.10.2012 12:21 Reply

  4. Matthew Dear:

    The EU spends EUR 228,310 every minute. The prize money of around EUR 950,000 would have been devoured by the EU budget in a around three minutes… Some bailout.

    12.10.2012 12:35 Reply

  5. Andrew Allison:

    There were so many deserving candidates too. Mugabe and Assad, to name but two, must be feeling very disappointed.

    12.10.2012 13:22 Reply

  6. c777:

    So the Nobel Foundation are utterly corrupt as well.
    I am not really surprised, every global institution is rotten to the core nowadays.

    12.10.2012 13:47 Reply

  7. sandy winder:

    Prize idiots.

    12.10.2012 14:40 Reply

  8. Geordieboy:

    How much of a bung did the EU give to the Nobel Foundation

    12.10.2012 14:49 Reply

  9. MestangloMan:

    You had two guys, Biden, who, along with the EU, invaded Libya and has put crippling sanctions on Iran in order to keep Israel at bay, acting as if he was Mohatmas Gandhi, and then Ryan, the peace through strength guy. And, yes, then there is the Middle East North Africa and Greece either burning or fighting off civil unrest, wars, etc.

    It’s an oftentimes sick world.

    12.10.2012 14:57 Reply

  10. therealguyfaux:

    “Nobel”? There must be plenty of “bel’s”, as their “-lends” are clearly on display!

    12.10.2012 15:01 Reply

  11. Jeff Todd:

    Hitler won it too – and we know how that one ended……

    12.10.2012 18:49 Reply

  12. Mark Brookes:

    Don’t forget the great job Europe did in Kosovo. Probably worth a second prize all on its own

    12.10.2012 19:17 Reply

  13. Andrew Smith:

    I think the Nobel committee are havin’ a laugh.

    I am sure tomorrow they will announce it was all a spoof because the Scandinavians recognise 12 October in the way we do 1 April and it is obligatory to pull a joke.

    12.10.2012 19:53 Reply

  14. disciplinarian:

    Judging by the number of xenophobes, little Englanders and jingoists who’ve been upset by this award, it was probably a good decision.

    12.10.2012 20:00 Reply

    • blingmun:

      Is that the purpose of a peace prize then, to upset people?

      13.10.2012 02:14 Reply

    • Alex:

      Judging by your lazy depictions of people who aren’t on board with the EU project as Xenophobes, you’re a bit thick , unable to distinguish the difference between the EU and the continent of Europe. t’s perfectly possible to pro one and anti other. After all, those running the EU itself clearly despise many Europeans given the economic nightmare they are being forced through.

      I spend plenty of time travelling and holidaying in Europe, and there is little doubt that I speak a wider range of European languages than you do – your xenophobe accusation shows us all you’re not bright enough to debate using the facts, so you go for the smears.

      13.10.2012 10:14 Reply

    • Tom Winskill:

      Amazing how people like you just hurl abuse at people who have the temerity to expose the fallacy of the EU’s argument.

      It’s quite pathetic and shows a low IQ……but then the internet empowers idiots.

      13.10.2012 10:59 Reply

    • Reed:

      For ‘disciplinarian’ read authoritarian – many Europhiles seem to be of this persuasion.

      13.10.2012 11:44 Reply

    • Rh-:

      I rather like the germans … whereas I have nothing but contempt for the corrupt, antidemocratic and statist cluster frak that is the EU and fear just where their great social/economic experiment will take us … hardly the thoughts of a xenophobe (I like germans and the EU isnt a country/nationality – its a mental disease), little Englander (i’m scots) and jingoists (again note the liking germans) now is it?

      13.10.2012 17:26 Reply

  15. Andrew Smith:

    disciplinarian must have been looking at a different site or fantasising about what people he disagrees with might say. I have read all the earlier postings and cannot detect any xenophobia, little englanders or jingoist postings. Maybe he / she / it would like to identify which they were.

    The EU is clearly (A) not responsible for post war peace in [most of] Europe and (b) actually a force for conflict which riots in at least four member states of the Eurozone attest to.

    12.10.2012 20:13 Reply

    • blingmun:

      “I have read all the earlier postings and cannot detect any xenophobia, little englanders or jingoist postings.”

      Oh he doesn’t need to read our words to decipher our true feelings. It’s like when the French used the EU Constitution referendum to register their dislike of their domestic government. Fortunately the EU was able to see beyond the Non outcome (which was technically the majority) and interpret a Oui, which was the true underlying result (albeit with less actual votes).

      In the same way the likes of disciplinarian is able to see all right wingers for the racists and bigots they are, even if our mere words and deeds speak for freedom, democracy and an open society.

      13.10.2012 02:25 Reply

  16. MestangloMan:

    Disciplarian is an obvious warmonger who sees Good Copper Imperialist bombs killing children as somtehing to applaud.

    13.10.2012 02:05 Reply

  17. Rodney Atkinson:

    I feel sorry for the genuine scientific winners of Nobel Prizes but the peace Prize has been a joke for years – Menachem Begin, Martin McGuinness. Maybe there is a natural affinity between bomb makers (Nobel, the Stern Gang and the IRA!!). But the real corruption is the modern fashion for awarding prizes originally meant for individuals to collectives and corporate bodies – a classic practice in tune with the corporatist/fascist European Union. Those who wish to understand its obnoxious foundation might care to look at my youtube video. Certainly Greece exactly depicts the return to Weimar collapse with the rise of communism and fascism at the expense of decadent “centre parties”.

    13.10.2012 10:26 Reply

  18. MestangloMan:

    What cause does the EU giving itself the Nobel Peace Prize advance? Yes, self indulgence and hypocrisy in very high places. The current state of the world, chaotic and economically troubled, gets a slap in the face. Con yourself all you wish. It looks like many, right, left, center, American, British, Continental, ain’t buying it.

    13.10.2012 12:20 Reply

  19. SadButMadLad:

    Thorbjørn Jagland: Secretary General of Council of Europe / Thorbjørn Jagland: Chairman of Nobel Committee

    13.10.2012 15:10 Reply

  20. MestangloMan:

    Norway isn’t an EU nation, so sorry for the glitch. Still, it seems that the Norwegians aren’t buying the spin on Iran, whether from a sanctions pov or from an even more red meat pov. That is the one silver lining in this very strange story. People should remain sober as the pols and their eager cultists go to work, regardless of which “side” or “team” you may support. Don’t trust, but verify.

    13.10.2012 21:22 Reply

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