The outfit selling Thatcher death t-shirts is taxpayer-funded

Posted on September 9, 2012

There was understandable anger at the news this week that t-shirts urging people to dance on Margaret Thatcher’s grave were on sale at the TUC Congress. While disgusting, sadly it’s nothing new that the hard left have some pretty unpleasant opinions – as I’ve reported on this blog in the past.

What is more worrying is that the organisation selling the t-shirts, the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers’ Centre, is apparently taxpayer-funded and closely tied to parts of the political establishment – far from being the independent loons the media reports have so far portrayed them as.

Take the following items as evidence:

– According to the DUWC 2011 Annual Report,  their Chairman is Cllr Graham Baxter MBE, the Leader of North East Derbyshire Council, who uses his introduction to the report to rail in a partisan way against the “Tory County Council”

– On page 8 of the same report, the “Fundraising” section lists money received from Bolsover District Council, North East Derbyshire District Council and Chesterfield Borough Council, as well as grants from no less than 11 County Councillors

– The Summer 2012 edition of their “Solidarity” newsletter headlines on a new campaign launch attended by Dennis Skinner MP and Natascha Engel MP, and thanks 5 County Councillors for the allocation of their 2012 taxpayer-funded grants

The DUWC may well do a lot of valuable work – certainly you can see the potential for an organisation offering impartial advice to jobseekers. However, it seems they’ve crossed a line a long time ago from helping unemployed workers to campaigning on a party political basis in a rather unpleasant way.

Until they go back to focusing their efforts on their proper, worthwhile mission, it is surely inappropriate for them to be using taxpayers’ money for partisan campaigns.

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10 Responses

  1. Gary, W2:

    Agree with everything BUT how do we ordinary people get their funding stopped? Let them prove they ONLY do worthy work and perhaps they can get their funding back. I find these odious leeches need to be stopped.

    12.09.2012 15:02 Reply

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    12.09.2012 17:20 Reply

  3. Widge:

    Eric Pickles should be on the case. Next up is to strip Cllr Graham Baxter of his MBE, as he clearly doesn’t merit it.

    12.09.2012 19:21 Reply

  4. Penseivat:

    I’ve written to Cllr Baxter at North East Derbyshire Council asking for funding to produce T-shirts carrying a logo, “Bob Crow is a devious, hypocritical, twat”, So far, I';ve had no reply. Do you think I should give up?

    12.09.2012 21:26 Reply

  5. David Davis:

    The way to stop their “funding” is to not give them any, any more. The War Secetariat of an incoming Democratic-People’s-English Revolutionary-Liberalist-Party’s first government, would simply tell the Treasury to cease paying them forthwith. War, like charity, should begin at home.

    12.09.2012 21:52 Reply

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    13.09.2012 11:03 Reply

  7. Archibald:

    As long as David Laws is in the Cabinet – let them keep their money!
    They should request lessons from him in how to seal it! – and get away with it!
    Only person who should be unemployed is the wretched and contemptible Laws

    13.09.2012 13:10 Reply

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    13.09.2012 19:05 Reply

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    15.09.2012 14:26 Reply

  10. Eleanor Lynall:

    The DUWC started as a campaigning organisation and is one of the few remaining Unemployed Workers Centres that continues that role, as well as providing help & advice in an area riddled with poverty & deprivation. It was Thatcher’s brutal handling of workers during the 80s pit closures that even now arouses strong feelings in the area. DUWC retains strong links with the TUC, which inevitably introduces political aspects to their campaigns. While part of the funding comes from government sources for provision of benefits advice, a great deal also comes from private individuals and organisations who, like me, wish their campaign work to continue. In future, learn more about those you criticise before rabble rousing.

    06.04.2013 12:13 Reply

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