The Labour Representation Committee: Back in the USSR

Posted on July 7, 2012

There is a fascinating internal struggle going on within the Labour Party at the moment. The GMB Trade Union declared their intent to ban Progress, the arch-Blairite pressure group, from the party, and appear to be well on their way to doing so.

Atul Hatwal’s Labour Uncut article on the topic drew attention to some of the factions on the hard left of the party who aren’t coming in for the same kind of criticism allotted to Progress. So I wandered over to the website of the Labour Representation Committee, a leftist pressure group who quite cheekily took their name from the original name of the Labour Party itself.

There I found this remarkable gem of a blogpost, identifying the LRC – which is chaired by John McDonnell MP – as an eager ally of the Assad regime in Syria. Which, at a time when Assad is murdering civilians by the thousand, is pretty classy.

It’s worth reading the whole piece as a classic case-study in deluded, old-school leftism, peppered as it is with references to “world capitalism and imperialism”, “bourgeois nationalism” and “the world masses” (whose official spokesman is, of course, taken to be Cuba).

For now I’m going to give you just one staggeringly brilliant quote:

“Sensing its end coming near, capitalism prepares for war not against Syria, or Iran, but against the USSR”

Err, against who?

It’s bad enough having Parliamentary representation for a group that harks back to the beliefs of the USSR, but it seems the LRC think the Evil Empire still exists. If their campaign to save Bashar Al-Assad’s skin is motivated by a desire to preserve the Soviet Union, then they may be in for a nasty shock next time they look at a map…


++ Update ++

Though Cowards Flinch has done some digging into the backstory of Marie Lynam, the LRC blog author (who the LRC’s leadership are desperately trying to distance themselves from in the comments below), and points out that she is apparently a member of the Fourth International Posadists.

The Posadists are a really hardcore Trotsykite cult clique who are actually odd enough to have their own Fortean Times article – thanks to their ideological leader’s weird beliefs, which included campaigning for a nuclear war as soon as possible and the idea that UFOs were sent by an alien socialist utopia.

In that respect, they’re kind of like the Scientologists, except they believe in taking everyone’s money rather than just that of their own members. Should the LRC really have Posadists blogging for their site?

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12 Responses

  1. opsimath:

    Crikey – are they sure German East Africa won’t want to get in on the act?

    09.07.2012 17:08 Reply

  2. Andrew Fisher:

    Dear ‘Crash-Bang’ – the LRC hosts free blog space for its members to post – the fact that one supports the Assad regime is just that: a statement by one member. The LRC does not find anything to defend in Assad’s government.
    Our statements can be found in the main section of the site.
    Happy to clarify.
    Andrew Fisher, LRC joint secretary

    10.07.2012 09:48 Reply

    • markwallace:

      Hi Andrew

      Thanks for your comment. At minimum I’d suggest if you want to distance yourself from the blogposts you publish you should make that clear on your site. More probably, if you don’t want to be linked to the loony things your members apparently believe, maybe you shouldn’t publish them…

      Having done a full Google search of your site, and going back through the last 2 and a half years of press releases, I’m afraid I can’t seen any “statements” condemning Assad’s regime or even expressing concern about what’s happening in Syria. If you’ve made any, I’m sure people would appreciate it if you were to share the links here.

      What I *did* find was the booklet featuring all of the LRC Resolutions from your 2011 conference In Number 3, “Libya”, put forward by your members the New Communist Party, it asserts “this conference opposes all interference by Nato and other imperialist forces in the internal affairs of Syria” and “we deplore the pretence of the defence of human rights to mask attempts to impose a new age of imperialist colonialism”.

      It rather jars with your claim that “the LRC does not find anything to defend in Assad’s government” when you apparently defend his right to continue his “Internal affairs” undisturbed – given that those internal affairs are the mass murder of civilians.

      Kind regards,
      Mark Wallace

      10.07.2012 10:41 Reply

    • markwallace:

      PS you also appear to advertise events like these: but not a single event publicising the plight of the Syrian people. Why is that?

      10.07.2012 10:46 Reply

  3. Pete Firmin:

    The old phrase “economic with the actualite” springs to mind. Two very clear errors of fact .Firstly the GMB union has not called for Progress to be banned. Secondly, anyone looking without prejudice at the LRC website will realise that any member can contribute on the blog and this is very different to LRC statements – i.e. a personal view. You will not find any statement from the LRC defending Assad or Russia. Or even making the mistake that the USSR still exists.Oh, and a third mistake, the LRC does not have parliamentary representation.

    10.07.2012 09:51 Reply

    • markwallace:

      “economic with the actualite”, Pete? Let’s see:

      1) “Firstly the GMB union has not called for Progress to be banned.”
      That’s odd, because Paul Kenny, their General Secretary, said: “It is a rule amendment which will go before this year’s conference for next year which, effectively, will outlaw Progress as part of the Labour Party, and long overdue it is.” (

      2) “Secondly, anyone looking without prejudice at the LRC website will realise that any member can contribute on the blog and this is very different to LRC statements”

      It doesn’t say that on your site anywhere, and it says rather a lot about the LRC that you decided this loony rant was suitable content.

      3) “You will not find any statement from the LRC defending Assad or Russia”

      Err, so this ( isn’t an official LRC resolution, proposed by the New Communist Party, presenting Syria as harmoniously secular, expressing concern over the idea NATO might “destablise” Syria, and agreeing to “call on the United Nations to defend the sovereignty of small nations against imperialist aggression”?

      4) “the LRC does not have parliamentary representation”

      Wrong: Affiliated MPs

      The Representation Committee has a number of officially affiliated MPs, those being:

      Katy Clark MP
      Jeremy Corbyn MP
      David Hamilton MP
      Kelvin Hopkins MP
      John McDonnell MP

      10.07.2012 10:28 Reply

  4. Pete's mum:

    Be nice to Pete. That slap-down was mean. Do that again and I’m telling Uncle Joe.

    10.07.2012 10:46 Reply

  5. Aaron D Highside:

    Mark, true loonie lefties ignore the fact that their idea of Utopia (the USSR) was about as viciously imperialist as it gets and the top workers got a Trabant while the union/party bosses got a dacha and a Zil. Roll on the revolution!

    10.07.2012 14:34 Reply

  6. Martin:

    It is the 1970s all over again. Dear God.

    10.07.2012 16:45 Reply

  7. SadButMadLad:

    Oh the joys of the internet and its many and varied tools and features that catch out the clueless.

    LRC claim that it’s obvious that the blog is for its members and that it’s obvious that any opinions are those of its members and not of the LRC. And if you look at the site you will see a statement saying “This is a free blogging space for LRC members. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the LRC.” under the Latest Blog Posts header

    However if you use the internet way back machine and look back to 25 July 2011 ( you will see no such statement. Now there is no evidence to say when that statement was added to the site, but on the balance of probabilities it is very likely to have been within the last few days if not hours.

    Mark, a little bit of advice, when you look at sites and see such posts in the future, use a web citation service to record the whole web page. That way you have proof to back your side even though the other might try some subterfuge and quickly amend things. I can recommend but others exist.

    10.07.2012 16:58 Reply

  8. Gordon Pye:

    This is the current plan as pushed by the Anarcho Capitalist Trotskyites ( Corporate Nazi’s )

    10.07.2012 22:03 Reply

  9. Thomas:

    Hmmm, “an ardent libertarian and eurosceptic” who believes everything he hears from the globalist media about foreign affairs and who appears to support foreign imperialist intervention.

    Maybe you are just confused.

    27.05.2013 08:33 Reply

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