Minister hits Cabbage Patch Skids

Posted on June 6, 2012

Sometimes in the busy life of a Minister of the Crown it’s not possible to keep everyone happy.

So it was for Paul Burstow, Minister for Care, who was due to speak at the National Pensioners Convention in Blackpool this week – until a Parliamentary debate, apparently called at short notice, meant he had to cancel his appearance.

I’m sure Mr Burstow knew the National Pensioners Convention wouldn’t be best pleased, but I’m not sure he thought they would respond to his absence by doing this:

(hat-tip to the Blackpool Gazette)

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12 Responses

  1. Chris Gillibrand:

    Brings back memories of the tub o’ lard that replaced John Prescott when he was a no show for Have I got News for You.

    22.06.2012 17:19 Reply

    • Umbongo:

      Roy Hattersley I think – Prescott would never refuse an opportunity to strut his (copious) stugg on HIGNFY

      26.06.2012 13:50 Reply

  2. Rh-:

    better than being replaced by a tub of ;lard (Have I got News for you)

    22.06.2012 17:38 Reply

  3. Liz:

    another useless minister i’ve never heard of

    22.06.2012 17:43 Reply

  4. Marie Colwell:

    He’s my MP
    I can confirm, he is useless.

    22.06.2012 17:57 Reply

  5. Ian Beech:

    He used to be a Lib Dim councillor in Sutton when I lived there. He was bloody hopeless at that as well!!

    22.06.2012 18:26 Reply

  6. Ed Moran:

    Liz, if you’ve never heard of him how come you know he’s useless? (Bye the way, I’ve never heard of him either),

    22.06.2012 18:27 Reply

    • therealguyfaux:

      If the mong were any good, you’d have heard of him, right?
      I take that back. I’ve heard of plenty of useless Ministers– one of whom is the Prime example of uselessness.

      22.06.2012 19:09 Reply

  7. Gold Bug:

    How can you tell it’s not a minister then?

    22.06.2012 22:11 Reply

    • PiscatorRedux:

      It’s got an eager, intelligent gleam in its eyes – that’s how.

      24.06.2012 14:52 Reply

  8. dmd:

    I HAVE heard of him. You’re right, he IS useless

    23.06.2012 14:41 Reply

  9. Daniel T Thomas:

    If he’s as useless as you all make out, what does that make the electors of his constituency? And what does that say about Cameron who made him a minister?

    I’ve never heard of him either by the way, I’m just making an observation

    24.06.2012 13:20 Reply

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