EXCLUSIVE: TFL 2012 staff trained on where Wembley and Stratford are

Posted on March 3, 2012

Giving evidence to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee on 24th January, Jeremy Hunt said that:

There is a huge amount of work going on, right down to training Tube drivers to make sure that we make Tube passengers feel particularly welcome in this special period for London

I was intrigued at what kind of training was being given to Transport for London staff – possibly “striking is a pain in the backside” would be a good start? So I made a Freedom of Information request to find out the details of the course.

Almost a week later than the legal deadline, and accompanied by a threatening note claiming that I’m not allowed to publish the information they’ve sent me (which I’m ignoring for obvious reasons centred around the words “freedom” and “information”), they’ve responded.

Given that the 9,600 people they are training all work on the London Underground, I was slightly surprised to say the least that part of the course is a Powerpoint presentation (screenshot below) teaching staff where in London the Olympic venues actually are.

Shouldn’t the staff for London’s transport system already know where, err, Stratford and Wembley are located?


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2 Responses

  1. London at Large:

    Actually, when I read your blog my instant reaction to whether the staff should know Stratford and Wembley was a very honest “Well *I* don’t f__ing know where they are either!”

    …And I’ve lived in this city my entire 30+ years.

    Who cares where all those places are – Sunbury and Richmond and Stratford and Neasden…I could no more point to them on a map of my great city than I could point to Manchester or Liverpool. Why? Because I’m a typical central London git; if it isn’t at least near Baker St then I don’t care if it exists or not.

    Me thinks thou doth protest too much.

    I’d bet my life if they hadn’t included that slide you’d be back a few months later saying “Would you believe it! They didn’t even tell the staff where the sites of the games were!!”

    02.03.2012 15:25 Reply

  2. Nick:

    The training seems to have paid off though, doesn’t it.

    07.09.2012 06:58 Reply

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