How to write a catchy song about the wonders of Eurofederalism

Posted on January 1, 2012

Sounds like an impossible task, doesn’t it?

Well how about we take the tune of Breakfast at Tiffany’s by nineties one-hit wonders Deep Blue Something, and recast the lyrics to include such gems as:

Democracy, freedom, subsidiarity
Federalism, the solution we’ve got

How does that sound? Dreadful, actually, but it didn’t stop the Young European Federalists doing the whole song, acting it out and uploading it to Youtube:

This clip has been doing the rounds for some time, but I thought I’d share it as a timely reminder that the true horrors of a Federal EU are far deeper and grimmer than simply bankruptcy, economic stagnation and the abolition of democratic sovereignty.

In case you missed those classic lyrics, or would like to sing along at home, here they are in full:

— VERSE 1 —
They say that we’ve got nothing in common
No cultural ties to build on
The project just can’t work
They say that nationalism will break us
Conservatives will fight us
But trust we really do care

And we shout what about Europe United?
Peace and safety for all of the people
Democracy, freedom, subsidiarity
Federalism, the solution we’ve got

— VERSE 2 —
They say we’ll never work together
To make our union stronger
Let us say no!
We’ll build a Europe bold and new
A democracy that’s true
Europe United as one!


— VERSE 3 —
We say the EU’s a confusion
Lacking a Constitution
But we know what to do
Reform now, we want to see enlargement
Accept our major statement
Europe united as one!



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21 Responses

  1. randall:

    WTF are they putting in the water these days?

    13.01.2012 15:04 Reply

  2. Liz:

    just looking at the words was sufficient for me to lose the will to live

    13.01.2012 15:09 Reply

  3. Geyza:

    How dare they even mention the word “democracy” when the EU has overthrown democratically elected leaders in Greece and Italy?


    13.01.2012 15:36 Reply

  4. Sophie:

    To see so many brainwashed young people reminds me of the Hitler Youth. We are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history – a new European war is almost certain. If not between nations, then between the superstate & freedom fighters who want their countries & democracy back.

    Let us remind ourselves of the other European political movements that wanted a federalist centralised Europe without recourse to the ballot box:

    * Fascism
    * Socialism
    * Communism
    * Natiional Socialism

    The EU will prove to be a bigger threat to life & liberty than all of the above put together.

    This video is bleak – almost heartbreaking that those young people cannot understand what they are supporting.

    13.01.2012 15:46 Reply

  5. Sandra:

    Sad. Those kids have no concept of the horror they are formenting. I dont suppose they are old enough to know about the Soviet Union? Mind you, half of the MEPS, Technocrats and civil servants in the EU are ex-communists, ex eastern block. Look at Barroso – a Maoist – incredible. Baroness Ashton – never elected to anything in her life – ex communist and trreasury for CND when it was taking Soviet funding.

    Even sadder that these young Marxists feel they have to attack Conservatism in the video. Seems like Britain is not the only country where the left wing has turned our education system into an occupied zone – with propaganda and lies being drip fed into Europes youth in the classroom. Sophie you are right – it is like the Hitler youth. I am resigned to seeing this whole corrupt edifice ignite Europe in flames – we have learnt nothing from history.

    13.01.2012 15:53 Reply

  6. Evil Conservative Scum:

    Bloody Hell! It’s the Rompy Jugend!!

    13.01.2012 16:08 Reply

  7. Michael Fowke:

    I agree with Sophie. We’ll have freedom fighters soon.

    13.01.2012 16:15 Reply

  8. Jez:

    Frightening. The sooner we leave the better.

    13.01.2012 17:35 Reply

  9. Ruth:

    It’s Legz Akimbo on an international scale!

    13.01.2012 17:38 Reply

  10. Richard G.:


    13.01.2012 18:21 Reply

  11. Joshua Falken:

    You have to laugh at misplaced youthful enthusiasm

    Their first word is Democracy – No one in Europe has ever been asked to vote for a United States of Federal Europe

    13.01.2012 18:41 Reply

  12. Suffolk Ben:

    And you can bet that we the taxpayer funded that sorry band of freaks to butcher that song…..

    13.01.2012 19:28 Reply

  13. Spartus:

    Oh I’m a good old rebel and that’s just what I am, And for the Yankee Union I do not give a damn

    13.01.2012 20:45 Reply

  14. Horses Held:

    Just before you reach for the UKIP membership form or EDL facebook page, what was it PJ O’Rourke said about the strength of any political movement can be judged by the number of attractive women in it?
    Just sayin’ (no federalist I.)

    One to cogitate on the next meeting you’re at…

    (that said, some abject freaks on there)

    13.01.2012 21:30 Reply

  15. Jacky Treehorn:

    The whole thing is creepy.

    14.01.2012 10:48 Reply

  16. Gonkione:

    In WW11 the Germans would install a govenor in the countries they had over run. Italy and Greece now have “Govenors” installed by the EU (Germany).
    Denmark France and Norway managed to produce some very unsavoury characters only too willing to enforce edicts and commands coming from Germany . Quisling and Vichy spring to mind.
    Today in UK and for the past 15 years we have our own Quislings in Parliament and local government.
    Eu (Germany) says jump and they ask “how high”. Any ordinary citizen that does not or cannot jump gets a fine, and/or imprisonment and a criminal record for the sort of conduct that was deemed as normal only 20 years back. Just as the Nazis kept track of everyone 80 years back so we in the UK have finally been subjected to the same treatment.
    Welcome to a mixture of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave new world.
    Constant surveillance
    The Alpha elite in positions of power
    The Epsilon underclass running wild.

    Is it too late to get rid of the Quislings and get our country back and free of the prodnoses, the anti anything if it gives someone enjoyment brigades (smoking, drinking, car driving, fox hunting, eating “unhealthy” food, watching TV) and the constant funnelling of our cash into a burocracy that just spits in our faces?

    14.01.2012 14:39 Reply

  17. I voted out in 1975:

    This just about sums it up. the reason that they’re playing air guitars is because the poor little lambs are in the Eurozone and can’t afford real ones – even from Spain. Or perhaps they need some Italian mandolins.

    14.01.2012 17:14 Reply

  18. John:

    Terrifying – but, paradoxically, rather pathetic. The peoples of Europe are steadily rejecting the EU. Deal with it.

    15.01.2012 00:15 Reply

  19. Kevin:

    Breakfast? No dogs’ dinner.

    15.01.2012 16:28 Reply

  20. Peter:

    Terrifying,. “Tomorrow belongs to me” anyone.?
    Sooner we are out the better.

    15.01.2012 18:26 Reply

  21. Dave:

    It was not an EU state that prevented euro wars in the last 50 years, it was the fact that all of Europe had countries that were liberal democracies.

    The EU federalists have recently destroyed democracy in Italy.

    The writing is on the wall.

    15.01.2012 20:02 Reply

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