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Posted on November 11, 2011

Unions are set to go on a mass walkout tomorrow in the name of protecting the status quo – a status quo in which public sector workers with better salaries and better pensions are subsidised by prviate sector workers who earn less and get poorer pensions. Tomorrow the nation’s lucky few will be striking and marching for the right to be permanently propped up by struggling masses worse off than them.

Conveniently the RMT, one of Britain’s most extreme defenders of systemic public sector privilege and the voice of well-paid tube drivers everywhere, have a poll on their website, asking:

Should public sector workers take strike action to protect their pension entitlements?

The results already stand at 53% No, 45% Yes, so it’s not looking good for Big Bad Bob Crow. Let’s give it a helping hand – cast your No vote here (it’s on the top right of the RMT site), and help drive the message home.

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4 Responses

  1. Nick:

    They can go on strike. I don’t care. We can save some money as a result. I would be ideal if they went on a strike for a couple of years. No pensions for that time. No pay. Hell the rest of us could get a break. Then as people work out they don’t need the state we can cut it back.

    29.11.2011 13:49 Reply

  2. Mike Spilligan:

    I know you have to keep your posting brief, but you could have added, “subsidised by people who had their pensions slashed by Gordon Brown with no opportunity to negotiate and can no longer afford their own pension contributions”.

    29.11.2011 16:42 Reply

  3. PJH:

    “Tomorrow the nation’s lucky few…”

    Few? Aren’t they a significant number of the employed workforce in this country? May go some way to explain the results in recent polls (including that one.)

    29.11.2011 19:46 Reply

  4. Matt Smith:

    Have you seen the poll that has replaced it? ‘ Will George Osborne’s latest austerity measures help the UK economy?’ at this point it is at 68% yes. I didn’t know RMT website readers were so supportive of the chancellor!

    01.12.2011 15:24 Reply

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