Taxpayer-funded striking union sponsors Ice Hockey team

Posted on November 11, 2011

The Trade Unions are large-scale consumers of taxpayers’ money. They eat tens of millions of pounds on the supposed basis that they are strapped for cash and ordinary taxpayers somehow have a responsibility to pay for their political campaigning and fat cat bosses. In 2009/10 their subsidies totalled a remarkable £85.8 million of taxpayers’ money.

But are they really so hard-up that they need the public to be forced to bolster their funding?

The GMB, for one, apparently has plenty of cash going spare. It turns out that they sponsor their own, err, Ice Hockey team – the Nottingham Panthers. Or, to give them their full and official title the GMB Nottingham Panthers.

What public good does it serve for the GMB to splash cash in this way? For that matter, how does it serve their members to dish out sports sponsorhip?

If they can afford to become the name and shirt sponsor for a sports team, then they clearly don’t need so much support from the ordinary taxpayers of this country.

Of course, in return for their subsidy from hard-working taxpayers, the GMB is repaying us by going on strike on 30th November.

Any GMB members unsure to do with this extra day off need not worry, though – they can always go to see their pet team the GMB Nottingham Panthers play away against Cardiff Devils on the same day…

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14 Responses

  1. Barry:

    If you were a real Northerner, Mark, you would know that trade union sponsorship is common-place in Rugby League as a well.

    17.11.2011 14:03 Reply

  2. AndyN:

    You have to hand it to them, this takes pisstaking to a whole new level.

    I suppose their General Secretary gets to sit in the director’s box at Panthers home games and eat prawn sandwiches?

    17.11.2011 14:21 Reply

  3. Greychatter:

    Quite an appropriate image/logo for the powerfull GMB Union an agressive face with its claws in the Tax payers of this country.

    17.11.2011 14:22 Reply

  4. I've had a beer:

    I like ice hockey. Dicks.

    17.11.2011 14:44 Reply

  5. Dave Marsden:

    Ice hockey sees players skate on thin ice and constantly slip up and fights break out. It’s an unpopular game in Britain.

    It’s the ideal match for the GMB, no?

    17.11.2011 14:47 Reply

  6. Is this how your tax money should be spent? | Digital Politico:

    […] Mark Wallace blogged that ice hockey team the Nottingham Panthers received name and shirt sponsorship from the GM…, I was confused. Surely no body that receives such significant tax-payer funding would be so daft […]

    17.11.2011 15:35 Reply

  7. Anon:

    How is this news? They have been sponsoring sports teams for years, notably Brentford, and have advertising hoardings at many stadiums.

    Should Unions not be allowed to spend money raising awareness of their existence?

    17.11.2011 16:16 Reply

    • Jeremy Poynton:

      Of course. But not mine, theirs. What is about £86 million public subsidy that you don’t understand. As far as I am concerned this is theft. If I wanted to sub a union, I would join one. I don’t yet still they take my money. 5uck that. Jeez.

      17.11.2011 16:54 Reply

      • Aaron D Highside:

        Jeremy – thank you. Spot on!

        18.11.2011 08:40 Reply

      • MatofKilburnia:

        What is it about the fact that this is not 86 million being paid to the GMB?

        18.11.2011 17:19 Reply

  8. Steve Tierney:

    Unions should be able to sponsor anything they like, whenever they like, with however much money they like. As long as its their money, fairly raised independently.

    They should never receive any taxpayer money of any kind. They should not have staff employed by councils and they should not receive handouts from governments, or government quangos.

    Or, and people must always have the absolute right to say they don’t want to be in a union, or pay from their wages towards one. Which they do, right now. But just saying…

    17.11.2011 18:14 Reply

  9. More additions to the GMB squad | Digital Politico:

    […] Mark Wallace blogged that the GMB sponsor the Nottingham Panthers ice hockey team, and I showed that this sponsorship […]

    18.11.2011 11:57 Reply

  10. MatofKilburnia:

    You say The Unions receive £85 million. You don’t say how much the GMB receive or indeed any of the details of the partnership between the team and GMB, the fee or well, anything that a commentator worth their salt would include if they wanted to make a valid point.

    18.11.2011 17:18 Reply

    • markwallace:

      If you know how much the GMB give the Panthers, Mat, please do share – I’m sure we’d all like to know in full.

      As for the individual breakdown of GMB funding as a share of the total, I’m a bit busy so haven’t had time to trawl the full spreadsheets with a calculator.

      If that’s ok with you?

      21.11.2011 18:33 Reply

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