St Paul’s #OccupyLSX protesters finally reveal what they really want

Posted on November 11, 2011

From an eyewitness on the ground, I can reveal the Occupy protesters outside St Paul’s Cathedral have finally revealed what they really want. After much confusion over vacuous, vague and vapid mission statements ranging from out and out revolution to “can’t we all get along and be friendly”, this comes as a welcome relief.

The protest camp have erected a board listing their demands for donations to the camp. At present it apparently reads:



Yep, smashing some stereotypes there, comrades. Middle Eastern dips for all! Death to the lactose oppressors!

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  1. J. Wanker:

    Suppose they should have just ordered Roast Beef, Yorkshire puddings and casual racism

    17.11.2011 14:59 Reply

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