Revenge of the Twitter ghost

Posted on September 9, 2011

If you ever want both a chuckle and a cautionary tale, look no further than unfortunate Californian Mark Davidson. The self-described “Internet sales & marketing professional” apaprently employed three ghostwriters to do a Twitter feed for him – I say employed, because yesterday he sacked one of them.

Somewhat foolishly he didn’t change the password for the account, leaving it open to the now less than gruntled former employee to wreak utter havoc. Enjoy browsing the image below of his whole feed, which has been broadcast to the world. My favourite line is:

“And yes, as @markdavidson’s former Twitter ghostwriter of 4 years; I am drunk. Drunk and angry. (You should have changed your password!)”

Twitter user Mark Davidson hit by a ghostwriter revenge

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