“Independent” anti-Boris campaign – the Green Party fingerprints spread and spread

Posted on September 9, 2011

Following my post last week about the apparent attempt by senior members of the Green Party to pretend the Sack Boris campaign they were running was “independent”, the plot has thickened somewhat.

We’ve already established that Common People, the outfit running Sack Boris, is registered to Jim Killock, long-serving Green activist, former Party employee and the partner of Sian Berry, 2008 Green Mayoral candidate. Interestingly, Sian herself – who memorably endorsed Ken Livingstone at the 2008 election – appears to have been involved in organising the Sack Boris flashmob, which took the definition of “mob” to breaking point with a turnout of “a dozen in total“.

Now it has emerged that the Sack Boris site itself is registered to James Mackenzie. Mackenzie’s involvement is interesting on two grounds.

First, he isn’t even a resident of London, as he lives in Edinburgh, which must surely raise a question as to why he is mounting a campaign to “influence the outcome of elections” in London. Second, he isn’t any common or garden Green activist, he’s a full time employee of the Green MSPs and is in fact the exalted Head of Media for the Scottish Green Party. Scottish politicians, including the Greens, would flip if the English started trying to influence their devolved elections, so what legitimacy does he have to poke his nose in to the London Mayoral race?

Mackenzie did mount a defence when I raised this point, arguing that a) he had “visited London“, which is nice but hardly compelling and b) that he had only set up Sack Boris then “handed it over to Common People”, in which case he might want to shift the registration to someone else given that they are sailing rather close to the wind in terms of electoral law.

So the questions stand – how far up in the Green Party does this go, why do Sack Boris and Common People conceal the identities of the people involved and when do they intend to come clean about the true character of this campaign to influence the London Mayoral election?

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7 Responses

  1. Sophie:

    The poliitcal elite are all as bad as each other – the same cabal of crooks no matter what colour they wear.
    Scottish independence is a must for the English – the way to reign in our own small time opportunists in London is to deny them a big playing field – England out of the Union, out of Europe, out of NATO & certainly out of the UN.

    05.09.2011 13:37 Reply

  2. guy herbert:

    Careful with that “how far up the Green Party”? question. The Scottish Green Party is an entirely separate organisation from the Green Party of England and Wales. There’s an extra level of deniability there.

    05.09.2011 14:13 Reply

  3. Disco Biscuit:

    Does this mean they’ve already started their campaign for expenses declaration purposes?

    05.09.2011 14:58 Reply

  4. Matt:

    >Now it has emerged that the Sack Boris site itself is registered to James Mackenzie. Mackenzie’s involvement is interesting on two grounds.

    Wow. If he didn’t hide the .com (easy to do, unlike .co.uk which usually *reveals* people’s names embarrassingly), then he’s a bit of an idiot too.

    05.09.2011 15:39 Reply

  5. Charles:

    The Lib Dems used a similar trick in my home town, secretly setting up and running an “independent” blog that advertised itself over town and in the paper, but was used largely to promote Lib Dem candidates and smear Conservative opponents. It raked up hundreds of posts before the local elections and only two since.

    05.09.2011 15:44 Reply

  6. Matt:

    But don’t worry! THe greasy poll of the Green Party will have been slathered in eco-friendly grease!

    This kind of stuff goes a long way back, people being stripped of party membership for no good reason, rigged votes (the name change from the Ecology Party to Green Party was one obvious example) and so on.

    The Greens are dirty, but because they are the Greens, think they have a “Get Out of Jail Free” card when it comes to morality.

    05.09.2011 15:49 Reply

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    […] a Green front. Subsequently, Mr Wallace remembered how to use the same public database, and also established that I registered the SackBoris2012.com domain. Or he wanted to spin one small non-story out into […]

    07.09.2011 19:47 Reply

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