Greens running no-fingerprints anti-Boris campaign

Posted on September 9, 2011

Given Ken Livingstone’s pretty diastrous campaign so far, it’s unsurprising that a separate anti-Boris campaign has emerged online. “Sack Boris 2012″ has an active Twitter account, campaign site, a Facebook page and even merchandise like Oyster card holders and mugs. They’re starting to get some traction among lefty Twitterati, and are appealing for donations like nobody’s business.

But who are they?

On the site itself there are no “About” or “Who are we” section to illuminate as to who runs it, other than an outgoing link in the small print saying the site is “Published by Common People”. The Common People website is similarly opaque – the content fits just about every lefty stereotype, supporting UK Uncut, opposing any cuts, lining up behind Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine nonsense, laying into people who want to set up private educational establishments and so on and so on.

There is a “Who we are” section but it provides few answers:

Common People was founded at a corner table in the Bricklayer’s Arms, Putney, in June 2010 by a group of activists who have worked together over the past ten years on a wide range of campaigns, blogs and elections.


the board are members of the Green Party, the Labour Party and no party, but we all support the same principles of equality, rights, environmental protection and sustainability, and citizens working together to support each other and solve problems

Ok, but why no names still?

Fortunately, the internet has its own wonders, and a quick WHOIS search brings up the name of the person who registered the website: a James Killock. Surely not the James “Jim” Killock listed by Wikipedia as being the live-in partner of Sian Berry, the 2008 Green Party candidate for London Mayor?

Why are Common People and Sack Boris so secretive about who they are, to the point of keeping any names of both of their websites? For that matter, when do they intend to tell the people donating to them that their campaign is run by senior Green Party activists? What is the real Labour/Green split on their governing body?

Given that they are seeking to raise thousands of pounds to spend campaigning against Boris in an election, and that their mission is to “take an active part in influencing elections”, it’s surely only a matter of time before the Electoral Commission come sniffing around – and so far, Common People haven’t registered with them at all…

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11 Responses

  1. Cogito Dexter:

    Leave it to the lefties to run dirty and underhanded campaigns. Socialists and Marxists (like the Greens) are terrified of the truth.

    01.09.2011 13:46 Reply

  2. Chris:

    Bit of a misleading headline there, considering you state yourself it’s being run by *the partner* of a Green party candidate.

    John Bercow is a Tory – so does that make Sally Bercow a Tory? Did Sally run to become a Labour councillor on behalf of the Tory party?

    Think about it…

    01.09.2011 13:48 Reply

    • markwallace:

      Chris, can I suggest you follow the link on Jim Killock…former Green PPC, four years ont he Green National Exec, unsuccessful candidate for Party Chairman, employee of the Green party for several years…the list goes on. Alternatively google “jim killock” + “green party”

      01.09.2011 16:06 Reply

      • Alex:

        Chris already knows exactly who Jim Killock is Mark – he’s simply trying to muddy the waters, and failing abysmally.

        01.09.2011 18:57 Reply

  3. guy herbert:

    Whoever’s running it, it is still pretty clearly engaging in regulated activity, withing 12 months of the poll, and therefore required to keep records of expenditure and donations and so forth. I don’t think we should have an Electoral Commission, or the tight controls on political campaigning that we do. But while we do, they should play by the same rules as everyone else. (Labour doesn’t *need* to break the rules, since trades unions are pretty much exempt from the same rules.)

    01.09.2011 14:26 Reply

  4. harry:

    mark – I see that sack boris, aided by Climate Rush, have also “outed” boris’ home address (complete with door number! – see guido passim)… check out their blog post for July 11. Wonder if this was the same day that the ken team took their photo??

    01.09.2011 21:16 Reply

  5. Matt:

    Oh, but tihs is entirely how Green Party stooge operations are operated! Have been for years! Fairness and openness is something the Green Party have campaigned on for years. But only for other people. The Green Party have pure motives, so any tactic is OK, so long as it is for the Greater Good of the common People, whatever that is, or whoever they are.

    02.09.2011 09:13 Reply

  6. Gentoo:

    May I just mention that today 2 Sept, your article is dated 9 Sept, trivial now it might matter in future

    02.09.2011 11:33 Reply

    • markwallace:

      Thanks for flagging – not sure why it does this or how to stop it. The dates are correct from the homepage but not when you click through to the post itself. Any ideas?

      14.09.2011 13:39 Reply

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