Report Jody McIntyre for incitement to riot

Posted on August 8, 2011

Jody McIntyre shot to fame (or notoriety) during the student riots. He garnered a lot of publicity by alleging that the police assaulted him and pushed him out of his wheelchair after he had deliberately placed himself at the front line of the riots in Westminster. Far from being just a run-of-the-mill student, though, it swiftly turned out that he was a hard core hard-left activist who was closely enough involved with the violent disorder that he was apparently part of the group who ended up on the roof of Millbank along with the fire extinguisher-thrower.

In May, the IPPC threw out his complaint on the grounds that the officers on the front line were right to remove him from the violent and turbulent situation in which he had deliberately placed himself.

Any lingering illusion that McIntyre was a victim of circumstance, caught up in trouble by accident, has now been shattered by his Tweeting over the weekend. As well as attending the riots and looting in Brixton and Tottenham, he tweeted urging others to commit violent disorder too:

Be inspired by the scenes in #tottenham, and rise up in your own neighbourhood. 100 people in every area = the way we can beat the feds.

As well as being morally wrong,  as far as I can see this tweet may well be a crime. It doesn’t appear to be a joke or satire, and it clearly incites others to copycat what went on in Tottenham, which involved multiple assaults, arson of shops and houses, theft and looting on a huge scale. It even makes clear that he wants this rioting spread in order to overwhelm the capacity of the police, presumably in order to give free rein for this kind of mass crime to happen unchecked.

For McIntyre this might be a political crusade, but for the victims – the people who were hospitalised, the people who lost everything – these riots were a horrific experience, and something no decent person would want to see repeated.

I’ve reported McIntyre to the Metropolitan Police for the offence of incitement to riot – you can do so too by phoning 101 to be connected to the Met’s control room, whether you report McIntyre or another instance of incitement.

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57 Responses

  1. Chris:

    Watch it Libertarian, or I’ll report YOU to the Met…


    08.08.2011 13:42 Reply

    • Luke:

      Jody McIntyre in my opinion was immoral to write that tweet, but in no way does that mean he wasnt attacked by the police at the student riots.
      He obviously has a grudge against the police, which is understandable when he was pulled from his wheelchair and helplessly dragged along the floor. You only have to look at the youtube video to see that.
      This website is not an opinion based unbiased medium where you can find intellectual debate it is conservative propagander run by some power hungry puppet.

      08.08.2011 22:52 Reply

      • Foreign Aid is Evil:

        That’s right, Luke, use an ad hominem argument when you can’t think of anything intelligent to say. McIntyre *claims* that he was attacked the police, something they dispute. Whilst, his tweets don’t “prove” his guilt, now that we know a bit more about his character, the balance of probabilities about who is telling the truth has shifted.

        09.08.2011 13:11 Reply

      • Mark Wallace:

        A blog being opinionated and having a point of view ? Who would have thought it!

        10.08.2011 13:18 Reply

      • Rob:

        McIntyre was removed from his chair for his own safety as the clashes intensified

        16.08.2011 18:04 Reply

  2. Malcolm:

    Now you have popsatrs at it as well… check yesterdays tweets @

    08.08.2011 14:10 Reply

  3. Daniel Wright:

    Why does he call the police the “feds”? Isn’t that a term for the FBI?

    08.08.2011 14:11 Reply

    • sinosimon:

      becasue he is a solipsistic shit who gets a kick out of using gangsta patois because it makes him feel hard.

      08.08.2011 17:37 Reply

    • Son-of-Sommevet:

      He calls them Feds because that is the name applied by this beloved black gang culture after they wore out Pigs.

      08.08.2011 19:00 Reply

    • Son-of-Sommevet:

      He calls them Feds because that is the name applied by his beloved black gang culture after they wore out Pigs.

      08.08.2011 19:18 Reply

    • Foreign Aid is Evil:

      Traditionally in this country black people have spoken like white people. It seems the American practice where they differentiate (and disenfranchise) themselves by affecting the gang patois of black ghettos is becomming more fashionable.

      09.08.2011 13:07 Reply

  4. Marty Dodge:

    DW: Actually not that is a term for anyone representing the Federal Government in the US (ATF, FBI etc). It is a tad odd to use that in connection with the UK police.

    08.08.2011 14:32 Reply

    • annoyed citizen:

      Student Gwant strikes again. Time for water cannon, TSG with big sticks and some CS gas. Let’s have a French riot.

      08.08.2011 16:54 Reply

  5. James G:

    Throw the book at rapper ‘LowKey’ too who has been applauding the riots and recently:

    08.08.2011 15:12 Reply

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    08.08.2011 17:38 Reply

  7. Dead Dog Bounce:

    My assumption is that “the feds” is slang that’s been adopted from US cop shows.

    08.08.2011 18:02 Reply

  8. paul stock:

    I would not say one way or other if his tweets should be reported to Met…….but at long last the Independent has ceased its connection with him as result of his tweets on Tottenham riots….and not before time. He is entitled to his views but we are entitled to challenge his allegations and conduct too

    08.08.2011 18:03 Reply

  9. Nick:

    ”Why does he call the police the “feds”? Isn’t that a term for the FBI?”

    ”It is a tad odd to use that in connection with the UK police”

    It is popular amoung young people from certain backgrounds to imitate american ghetto/gang
    culture. In the UK context it just means ‘police’.

    08.08.2011 18:09 Reply

  10. Sophie:

    McIntyre’s socialist utopia – destroy all private property, reduce neighbourhoods to states of Somalian anarchy & despair – the equal sharing of misery for everyone.
    The left are rapidly exiting the sphere & spectrum of an all inclusive democracy & entering the thuggish realm of mob rule dictatorship – as is there way when rejected at the ballot box.
    Where is the strong Government response? Have we not suffered enough socials malaise because of touchy feely political correctness? Why are we pandering to these feral gangs?

    08.08.2011 18:11 Reply

    • Little Angussie:

      Well said Sophie – this is all a hard left tactic whenever their beloved labour are ditched by the electorate – every time the see what they think is their entitlement bestowed on them by Brown and his like being cut back or removed by a Conservative goverment they always revert to type. It is the politics of envy to the core with them.
      If they put half the effort into trying to get a job instead of thinking and acting like feral beasts they would get the repsect they think is theirs by right. They have no respect for people or their property as their fall back tactic is to destroy. Still the hand-wringing BBC and Guardian hacks report it as the direct results of Government cuts – what a sick fucked up society we live in now!

      09.08.2011 19:42 Reply

  11. PB:

    Ah, we know what the word ‘feds’ means, but remember he is a commie, so way too stupid to understand anything of importance.

    08.08.2011 18:20 Reply

  12. Jim Red:

    The term ‘Feds’ when referring to the police in the UK has been in use for decades, a lot of bikers and associated clubs have used the term since the late 70’s and it’s still in common use to this day.

    08.08.2011 18:38 Reply

  13. D.E.:

    Yep – reported him this morning – also reported him to The Guardian as he’s an freelancer for them too…

    08.08.2011 18:44 Reply

  14. Art of the Impossible:

    Very odd indeed … but fashionable.

    08.08.2011 18:45 Reply

  15. Matei:

    “i have reported him to the Met”? you sound like a sad qhunt

    08.08.2011 19:47 Reply

  16. Cassandrina:

    This idiot is one of those cowardly “activists” that uses his wheelchair disability to get public funding and some sympathy while being an enemy of our country.

    08.08.2011 20:22 Reply

  17. Al:

    speaks to his delusional state

    08.08.2011 20:29 Reply

  18. Jeremy Poynton:

    “Feds”? Cool yoofspeek, I assume, in an attempt to make London into Baltimore?

    08.08.2011 20:34 Reply

  19. Jeremy Poynton:

    PS. Well done, Mr. Wallace.

    08.08.2011 20:35 Reply

  20. Matt:

    Feds? Perhaps he is going to plead insanity? Unless, of course, he wishes to be tried in the good old USA? They know how to deal with people who incite riot in the USA.

    08.08.2011 21:04 Reply

  21. Daniel:

    If you engage with some these rioters/sympathisers on Twiiter, a lot of them respond with threats, verbal abuse and racism (.e.g “f*** you white c***”).

    In which case, they can also be reported to the police under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003.

    If you do tweet any of these people, avoid bad language as it’s an offence under this act.

    08.08.2011 21:41 Reply

  22. PMK:

    Well done snitch, good way to win political debates: call in the thought police!

    08.08.2011 22:01 Reply

    • Ed Moran:

      My mate used to run a shop in Tottenham. Now he owns a pile of damaged rubbish. PMK, why don’t you try to tell him that the “thought” police” should not get involved? Tell him that anyone who tries to help is a snitch? Don’t you know how totally twisted your morals are? You are a sad man.

      08.08.2011 22:39 Reply

    • Andrew:

      PMK: This aspect is not a “political debate”, it is alleged criminality. Quite different. Also, there are no “Thought police”. Mark said quite clearly that he was reporting this matter to “the Met”.
      Run along and go finish your homework….

      09.08.2011 06:46 Reply

    • Another Chris:

      He’s not debating, shitbrain; he’s inciting riot. I do hope you get mugged on the way home. And head injuries can only raise your IQ.

      09.08.2011 08:00 Reply

    • Recusant:

      Oh do grow up. Unless you actually still are at primary school, of course.

      09.08.2011 09:08 Reply

    • Matt:

      Snitch? You sad, silly little boy.

      09.08.2011 10:52 Reply

  23. Janik:

    You’ll need to be able to prove his tweet came after the initial peaceful demonstration turned into a riot, and that he was aware that this had happened, before there is any chance of prosecuting him. As it reads, it can be defended as a call to legitimate, democratic peaceful protest.

    08.08.2011 22:19 Reply

  24. harry:

    I think the riots demonstrated how much the youth need to be educated on what needs to be done in this country. Instead of rioting for selfish reasons they should be rioting against the illegal war, the corrupt police force, the corrupt politicians and so on and so on.
    Just imagine how much change we could force if that ruthless mob behind us. Vive la revolution!!!

    08.08.2011 23:04 Reply

  25. JW:

    The offence is ‘ENCOURAGEMENT to riot’ s.44 Serious Crimes Act 2007.

    This act abolishes the common law offence of incitement.

    08.08.2011 23:42 Reply

  26. hurrdurr:

    Yeah, maybe he should have followed the lefts’ lead and started a copycat riot to get his point across.

    09.08.2011 00:24 Reply

  27. Jason:

    “political debates”? “thought”? Clown!

    09.08.2011 00:59 Reply

  28. Akvavitix:

    Nice going Mr Wallace.

    09.08.2011 03:27 Reply

  29. td:

    Interestingly, his twitter account has disappeared. Also, Goggle have blocked access to the cache of this tweets. His crimes are very, very serious – 20 years at the least, one imagines.

    09.08.2011 04:35 Reply

  30. Jigson:

    I first saw the term ‘F*ck the Feds’ sprayed on a wall in North London circa 2002/2003. I always thought it slightly odd they would refer to UK police as ‘Feds’ – then again ‘they’ are dimwits so little should surprise us really.

    09.08.2011 06:15 Reply

  31. mb:

    Feds is urban slang (from watching too many films) for the police.

    09.08.2011 06:51 Reply

  32. JimH:

    Sir! Sir! Jody’s inciting us to riot. Sir! Make him stop it.

    Truly pathetic.

    09.08.2011 08:13 Reply

    • Pete H:

      Keep you cynical comments to yourself along with your playground “Do Not Snitch” moral values. Decent, people have died at the hands of the rioters. Other innocent people have been badly hurt whilst others have seen their homes and lives destroyed by your childish “gang rules”. Get a pair, grow up and maybe then you can join in decent society to assist in sending anyone, from Parliament, from the Police Force or from the thugs, to feel the full force of the law and get the U.K.’s decency back.

      13.08.2011 08:26 Reply

  33. Jamie:

    It’s either “Feds” or “Po-Po”, apparently – another pathetic example of US street slang being used by wannabe gangstas here. According to the Urban Dictionary, “Po-Po originated in California where bicycle mounted cops travel around in sets of two. they wear vests with giant POs written on them. thus the name po-po originated”. I prefer my own definition – Po-Po sounds like the name of a panda and the police drive round in panda cars. I’ll shut up now…

    09.08.2011 08:29 Reply

  34. Robert Eve:

    Well done Matt.

    09.08.2011 08:59 Reply

    • Matt:

      Indeed, Robert. Milwaukee Fair has had problems. But the police are dealing with them.

      09.08.2011 10:53 Reply

  35. Anonymouse:

    Ironically Shaheen, who runs/is on editorial board at Third Estate, works for Euromoney! Yet their twitter feed includes: For anyone heading to places where riots are: 1) Mask up. Properly, not just a hood. 2) Bindmans solicitors if you get nicked: 02078334433, #riotcleanup is disgusting Big Society ideology pushing down the price of labour and retweeted Reaping what has been sown over 3 decades of creating grotesquely unequal society,with alienated young copying ethos of looting bankers.

    Whilst probably not encouragement to riot I wouldn’t want financial advice from him!

    09.08.2011 19:20 Reply

  36. Sy:

    Any lingering illusion that McIntyre was a victim of circumstance, caught up in trouble by accident,

    There was never any doubt – his activism and far-left polemical journalism predates that riot. That doesn’t mean, however, that he wasn’t pulled from his wheelchair and dragged down the street by police. It’s not about whom you believe, it’s about what you can see with your eyes.

    10.08.2011 09:42 Reply

    • Mark Wallace:

      I don’t doubt he was taken out of his wheelchair, Sy, I’m pointing out the IPCC found the police were justified to do so.

      10.08.2011 13:18 Reply

  37. YYZ2112:

    He’s using the term “feds” because its “street” in contemporary parlance m’lud, as popularised by middle class white lads from the home counties who like to think they are “bad ass muthas” from “the hood” or something. It has yet to make an appearance on “The Archers”.

    11.08.2011 13:53 Reply

  38. YYZ2112:

    If someone were to adopt the same blinkered anti-police bigotry McIntyre toward, say the black community or the disabled, it would wholly and morally wrong. And yet McIntyre seems to have lumped the police of “feds” as he calls them (bless) into one homogenous, faceless mass as a scapegoat for societies ills which as history has demonstrated, creates more problems than it solves.

    11.08.2011 13:58 Reply

  39. Jody tries to dodge responsibility « Crash Bang Wallace:

    […] on August 8, 2011 Tweet Jody McIntyre promised last week that he would soon be responding to the accusations made on this blog that he was inciting people to riot. It’s taken a few days but at last he has come out with […]

    15.08.2011 12:38 Reply

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