Invasion of the superblogs

Posted on July 7, 2011

I wrote when Iain Dale closed his personal blog about the potential future for the blogosphere as the balance of power shifted. As well as the upheavals in the mainstream media, the last couple of weeks has seen the first big change in the UK blogosphere for some time: the arrival of the superblogs.

With the launch of Huffington Post UK and Iain Dale and Co we’re experiencing the first tests of whether group blogging will succeed, and whether it will replace or complement the more atomised blogosphere that we’ve seen to date. My personal view is that it will be complementary – an online equivalent of the mainstream media which can afford to provide more regular and broader updating than individual blogs, but inevitably lacking the personalised character and focus of individuals (like yours truly).

For that reason, I’m pleased to say I will intermittently be contributing to both HuffPoUK and Dale & Co – writing about politics for the former and about media and culture for the latter. Needless to say, this blog will remain my focus, and the location of the vast majority of my writing. My first articles on each superblog have gone live this week, so please give them a bump by rating and commenting if you’d be so kind!

Here they are:

Iain Dale & Co: “Science Fiction should be abolished”

Huffington Post UK: “A new English politics is emerging – but which party will harness it?”

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4 Responses

  1. mark:

    I read individual bloggers work, and via feeds I catch all I want. I see these mega blogs as useful ways of finding new writers to read.

    15.07.2011 11:50 Reply

  2. A K Haart:

    The Web is a mega blog anyway. I don’t expect to visit Huffington or Iain Dale and Co because I’m looking for individuality and relatively short and readable comment threads.

    15.07.2011 20:26 Reply

  3. Giolla Decair:

    I went and had a look at Dale and co, couldn’t find an RSS feed and left. seems an odd thing to not have but guess RSS cuts into advertising revenues.

    I accept I may have just missed it but without it I don’t have the time.

    21.07.2011 20:11 Reply

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