It was the Gordon Brown curse that defeated Yes2AV

Posted on June 6, 2011

The Yes2AV recriminations roll on with ever more intriguing revelations about how chaotic and unpleasant their campaign team were. Latest into the bearpit is Lib Dem James Graham, who works for Unlock Democracy.¬† Graham is the first Yesser to claim the campaign’s failure was Labour’s fault – more specifically, Gordon “Jonah” Brown’s fault.

Graham writes that Paul Sinclair, an ex-Brown spinner, was running the comms operation. Apparently his Comms team seized centralised control of everything¬† down to the tiniest micro detail, and allowed a culture of bullying to grow to the point where the junior staff felt they were in “a living nightmare”. The result – a demoralised organisation reliant on a tiny central bottleneck to get anything done.

Someone who worked for Gordon Brown being a controlling bully? Where could he have learned to behave that way?

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  1. Pilko:

    Has it not occurred to anybody at the ‘Yes campaign’ that they may just have been wrong on the issue of AV?
    James Graham should stick to successfully playing prop for St Helens.

    02.06.2011 08:55 Reply

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