The Observer’s outrageous TPA smear

Posted on October 10, 2010

If you’re a libertarian tax-cutter, you don’t normally expect the Observer to like you. Their role would normally be to argue against your beliefs and positions. Sometimes that might be done intellectually, or tactically, or just aggressively – that’s fine, this is a war of ideas.

Yesterday, though, they fell below even the usual grubby standards of politics – by trying to smear the TaxPayers’ Alliance by false association to the neo-nazi English Defence League. If it wasn’t so outrageous it would be amusing – they seem incapable of deciding whether the TPA are slippered, Daily Mail, fuddy-duddies or rioting racist football hooligans.

The actual story in there was interesting – that the anti-Islam nuts who have been trying to piggyback on the Tea Party movement in the States have been working with the EDL. That’s obviously newsworthy and is based in fact. Unfortunately that’s where the facts end.

Obviously, coming from a left-wing perspective the author of the article, Mark Townsend, was keen to put the boot in on the whole Tea Party movement.

Despite its overwhelmingly libertarian, constitutionalist and low-spending focus, he tried to suggest that the two anti-Muslim whackos in his story represented all Tea Partiers. This is lazy journalism, but it’s also lazy thinking – exposing the Left’s continuing disbelief that anyone can like low taxes without being a racist, and their inability to imagine a truly atomist organisation with no centralised leadership.

Having made that leap, he decided to take another – jamming the TPA into the story, too. With no justification at all he even mentioned the EDL and the TaxPayers’ Alliance in the same breath:

“[Alan] Lake, believed to be a principal bankroller of the EDL, which claims to be a peaceful, non-racist organisation, is understood to be keen on the possibility of setting up the UK equivalent of the Tea Party. At an event organised by the Taxpayers’ Allliance last month, US Tea Party organisers outlined how the movement emerged last year, partly in protest at the US bank bail-out.”

This is a scandalous jump too far. Evidently in the mindset of the Left “EDL, Tea Party, TaxPayers’ Alliance, Muslim-hating” all go together into one folder – but there is no basis for that suggestion whatsoever. Mark Townsend should answer the following questions:

Do you have any evidence that the EDL and the TPA have anything to do with each other?

Do you have any evidence of an EDL link to the TPA/Tea Party meetings held in London a month ago?

Do you have any evidence of any contact between the TPA and Pamela Geller or Nachum Shifren?

The answer to each question will be “No” – which is why this appalling smear should be withdrawn. In the meantime, I suggest all of you fight back by joining the TaxPayers’ Alliance for free here.

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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mark Wallace, Ben Houchen, Emma Carr, Matthew Sinclair, hammondim and others. hammondim said: RT @wallaceme: Crash Bang Wallace: Questions the Observer must answer on their #EDL TaxPayers' Alliance smear #tpa […]

    11.10.2010 13:25 Reply

  2. Mr MacKenzie:

    “hey seem incapable of deciding whether the TPA are slippered, Daily Mail, fuddy-duddies or rioting racist football hooligans”

    A mixture of both I would imagine.

    11.10.2010 13:34 Reply

  3. Gawain:

    My flabber was a tad ghasted when I read that yesterday

    11.10.2010 13:40 Reply

  4. BenS:

    The Observer reading types were convinced Christmas had come early…

    11.10.2010 13:45 Reply

  5. Pat Guide:

    The Observer article was an attempted slur on the Tax Payers Alliance.

    What do you expect from the Communists that have infected every part of Britain?

    The Communists love to smear people by calling them racist, capitalist, christian, tax dodger 9if you say that taxes are too high), slave master (if you employ anyone).

    The one thing that really rattles them is when you call them a communist. They hate that tag and will do anything to avoid it. They call themselves left-wingers, socialists, liberals, left wing Tories, labour members, liberal democrats, trade unionists and members of the Fabian Society and lately they’ve started to call them progressives. Indeed they will call themselves anything other then what they really are – communists.

    Did you know that the logo of the left wing and highly infleuential Fabian Society shows a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    It’s time that people became aware of how much communism has infiltrated Britain and started to take a stand against it.

    11.10.2010 14:57 Reply

    • Alan P:

      what parallel universe do you live in Pat? hilarious

      12.10.2010 16:43 Reply

  6. Herbert:

    Pat Guide writes, ‘The Communists love to smear people by calling them racist, capitalist, christian, tax dodger 9if you say that taxes are too high), slave master (if you employ anyone).’

    Oddly enough, people like Pat Guide always like to call anyone who disagrees with them ‘Communist’. Now where did i put that kettle?

    11.10.2010 15:23 Reply

    • Pat Guide:

      Hi Herbert

      You sound all upset.

      Now run a long to your communist comrades.

      11.10.2010 17:49 Reply

      • Black Flag:

        Ha ha. I love to see a window licker in action.

        12.10.2010 20:32 Reply

  7. Dick Puddlecote:

    Herbert: What is the left’s new bible, The Spirit Level (ideal society is absolute income equality), if it isn’t communist redistribution of wealth dressed up in hearts and pretty flowers?

    11.10.2010 17:40 Reply

  8. A keen observer:

    It is far from obvious what a “truly atomist organisation with no centralised leadership,” means. It is at best conceptually confused, at worst, the words of a baboon. Does it refer to something a-hierarchical, hence the idea of no centralised rule? But organisations are inevitably structured in a way which exhibits a hierarchy, as power is always distributed in this way. Mr Wallace needs to think about the internal dynamics of organisations, and it will soon become apparent that a central controlling nucleus is inevitable. A ‘truly atomist organisation,’ I imagine, refers to a social formation where the fundamental structures of which are entirely reducible to the perceived self-expediency of its individual stakeholders. It sounds rather utopian. Organisations necessarily develop a certain autonomy of their own, and are not in any practicable manner directly sustained by truly atomistic forces. Perhaps Mr Wallace is referring to something broadly similar to anarcism, because any other organisational model betrays the description he provides.

    11.10.2010 21:26 Reply

  9. A keen observer:

    Pat Guide is a cretin.

    11.10.2010 21:29 Reply

    • Pat Guide:

      Hi A Keen Observer

      You sound like a typical communist.

      12.10.2010 07:10 Reply

  10. Matt:

    You can call them Communists. I prefer the word arses.

    11.10.2010 22:14 Reply

  11. Grumpy Old Man:

    Nomenclature Update. Those formerly known as communists are now calling themselves, “collectivists” The latest in a large wardrobe of sheep’s clothing

    12.10.2010 07:34 Reply

  12. Youch!:

    The Observer expects taxpayers to keep it and The Guardian afloat through all those public sector job ads in the papers of The Guardian Group. And you can guess who employs the readers of these papers, indeed the taxpayers employ those readers.

    The TPA should start arguing that the government only publishes full job ads on a government jobs website and advertises this site and a list of current positions in ALL newspapers.

    12.10.2010 09:00 Reply

  13. A keen observer:

    I challenge you to be intelligent.

    12.10.2010 11:00 Reply

    • IanW:

      I challenge you to avoid smug vacuity.

      12.10.2010 12:04 Reply

      • chewybaccy:

        I challenge all of you to a fist fight.

        12.10.2010 20:11 Reply

  14. David Gerard:

    You realise that Fox News did just the same thing?

    They also said the student protests against funding cuts were actually protests against high taxes, so appear to have thoroughly taken on their proprietor’s beliefs concerning the truth and good stories …

    It actually leads me to wonder if, somewhere under the thuggish exterior, there isn’t someone at the EDL with remarkable public relation skills …

    30.11.2010 12:45 Reply

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