The train conductor who wants a ferry “blown out of the water”

Posted on July 7, 2010

The conductor on a train is responsible for passengers’ safety as well as just checking their tickets. He or she has the job of looking out for suspicious behaviour or dubious parcels, and if anything was to kick off then it is the conductor who would try to handle the situation in a way that would protect the passengers.

How would you feel, then, if the conductor of the train you were sitting on was apparently using Facebook to merrily urge bombings against other parts of the public transport system?

In a tie-in between Crash Bang Wallace and The Sun, we’ve today revealed someone who appears to be doing exactly that.

Given the recent riots and shootings in Northern Ireland, I thought it would be worthwhile looking round the various Republican Facebook groups to see what kind of views were being posted. Sure enough, it took about three clicks to get to “People against Loyalist marches where they’re not wanted“.

I’m not suggesting everyone in that group is an extremist – the vast majority hold legitimate views about the Orange Order marches. My expectation was that a few people might be spreading some extreme views – but largely for them to be usual suspects urging more rioting and violence against the police and army. That would be bad enough, but I had not anticipated this:

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Nice, eh? So here we have someone claiming to be a train conductor who is apparently wishing for his passengers to be blown up after they make their connection to the ferry.

This is unacceptable. It’s unpleasant that Mark Connor appears to think what happened to Mountbatten (and the 14 year old boy who was blown up in the same attack) was a good thing, but it’s downright disturbing that he apparently wants to see something similar happen to hundreds of innocent civilians. How can he be trusted with the security of these passengers on his train if he wants them dead?

While police officers are putting themselves in the firing line trying to keep order on the streets of Belfast, the last thing they need is someone in a position of responsibility calling for rioting to turn into a terror campaign.

The story is in The Sun today, and ScotRail have confirmed they have suspended and are investigating a member of staff.

Crash Bang Wallace is an opinion blog, but I also intend to dig up and break new stories as regularly as possible. This isn’t just hot air, it’s “Politics with a punch”. It’s good to see the first of those punches land.

PS The original post has been taken down, now, but here’s the full screen grab:

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    26.07.2010 10:39 Reply

  2. Roybo:

    Now this is blogging! Keep it up Mark abd we’ll make a “Drudge” report out of you yet.

    26.07.2010 14:53 Reply

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    27.07.2010 03:03 Reply

  4. C:

    I don’t mean to burst your rhetorical bubble and I know you are desperate to promote your first big hit, but if ‘politics with a punch’ is a simple matter of going to a dodgy website and copying and pasting some idiot’s inflammatory comment I don’t think it deserves quite the build up you are giving it.

    The amount of journalistic ‘digging’ seems slight. The fool even said he was a train conductor on his comment!

    But congratulations on your journalistic scoop anyway. You are clearly the true heir of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s legacy.

    27.07.2010 09:05 Reply

  5. Angus Fuzzy:


    Some halfwit has made a moronic comment on facebook and will now probably lose his job as a consequence. Ok, it was obviously an ill-advised post but I’m doubtful it warrants national exposure either here or in the Sun.

    Haven’t read the Sun piece. Out of interest were you paid for it? If not, does it name check you or your blog?

    Sorry, but I think your motives here are incredibly iffy. This looks like self-promotion and profiteering. Just because it’s at the expense of a boorish twerp, it doesn’t make it justifiable.

    27.07.2010 11:46 Reply

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    30.07.2010 16:01 Reply

  7. Lord Carson:

    This guy needs to be fired ! (Mark Connor) if he had said anything against muslims or gays etc he would have been on the dole faster than you could throw a stick. his ranting is absolutely shocking! if that is the kind of staff scotrail have then god help us all.

    10.08.2010 17:30 Reply

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